How to clean your diamond jewellery?

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We are used to doing everything while wearing our jewellery: work; wash our hands; clean the house; apply suntan lotion on holiday … All that can make your gold, silver, platinum, diamonds and others jewellery lose its brightness.

Diamonds love oil. Moisturiser; tanning lotion; cosmetic creams. Diamonds are like a magnet to these – and they create a layer on the surface of diamonds – reducing their sparkle.

The secret ingredient to make your diamond shine again is isopropyl alcohol – pure alcohol. Diamonds love this solution. Most pharmacists stock isopropyl, pure or cleaning alcohol. While you are there, buy a baby toothbrush – a soft bristled toothbrush.

Now you know the recipe, you just have to put your diamond jewellery in a little bowl which contains isopropyl alcohol. Be careful, isopropyl alcohol evaporates very quickly! Immediately it starts to clean the diamond. Then, with your baby tooth brush, gently brush your diamond all over – on top, and inside its setting. Rinse your piece of jewellery in water and it’s done! Your diamond will sparkle and shine once again.

After this procedure, do not forget to wash your hands, if diamonds love isopropyl alcohol, it is not the case for your hands.

Of course soapy water will not damage your jewellery! You can use it to clean almost every kind of jewellery.

We hope this little tip will help you!

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